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Aircraft Flight Simulators

FW & RW Flight Simulators

Fixed & Rotary Wing Flight Simulators

Fixed Wing Flight Simulators

  • RAF Hercules C-130J (multi-engine only): The integrated military systems exercise is conducted using this simulator.
  • British Airways Boeing 777: Based at Cranebank, we use this simulator to demonstrate test techniques associated with VMCG and VMU.
  • F16 Falcon: This simulator, based at NLR in the Netherlands, is used for demonstrating the assessment of helmet mounted systems (HMS).

Rotary Wing Flight Simulators

  • Merlin EH-101: The Flight Management Systems (FMS) and displays demonstration and exercise is conducted using this simulator.
  • Lynx Mk8: This simulator is used for an integrated systems demonstration.
  • Apache AH-64: We use this simulator for an integrated systems assessment, including helmet mounted displays (HMD).
  • Sea King: Located at Culdrose, this simulator is used during the Ship Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL) assessment.
Aircraft Flight Simulators